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JQH-5×48 pneumatic winch

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JQH series pneumatic hoist is a kind of powered by gas piston type motive, roller adopt single support in the form of small pneumatic winch, mainly is the lifting force of 5 kn and 10 kn two sizes, it has a safe explosion-proof, small volume, light weight, easy to carry and quick installation, etc, especially suitable for the oil fields, geological drilling, mining and explosive, flammable gas and other places of auxiliary operations.

The pneumatic winch series can be divided into local operation and remote control operation. Local operation can realize stepless speed regulation; Remote control operation has remote air control and remote control and other operating forms, remote control control can achieve air break brake.

In addition, the remote gas-controlled remote control line has 6m, 8m, 10m and other specifications (note: under the condition of meeting the operating conditions, it is recommended to choose the shorter control line as far as possible, in order to shorten the operation delay). Special instructions should be given when ordering. JQH series pneumatic winch is also equipped with pressure rope, hook, shackle, pendant chain, air treatment triplet and other optional configuration, which can be selected by users according to actual operation requirements.

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