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XJFH series pneumatic winch is a winch device powered by a pneumatic motor and driven by a gear reduction mechanism to realize heavy weight traction and lifting. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable work, simple maintenance, stable operation and stepless variable speed, etc. As explosion-proof traction, lifting power device, especially suitable for oil field, geological drilling, mining, explosive, flammable gas and other places. XJFH series pneumatic winch by base structure can be divided into ordinary high base, ordinary short base, flange, trapezoidal buckle seat, straight thread, oil nonyl bridge, ear plate etc. Various type, according to the type of braking system can be divided into single brake (manual), double brake (hand + foot brake and handbrake + broken brake), three brake (handbrake + + broken brake foot). Users can choose according to different habits and use occasions. In addition, XJFH series pneumatic winch is also equipped with pressure wire rope, hook, shackle, pendant chain, air treatment triplet and other optional configuration, users can choose according to their own needs and the selected winch.
JFH-5/35Z (air-break brake) compressed air winch (Hand brake+ air-break brake, ordinary high base)
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Xjfh-10/20lz --(break brake)- Type pneumatic winch (hand brake + break brake, low base)
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XJFH--20×16- Pneumatic winch
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Xjfh-5/35-c-type pneumatic winch -(double clutch, with power output)
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