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DSJ series rewinding machine is a special equipment for retracting and releasing steel wire ropes. The use of the equipment can be used after the steel wire rope closing again, in order to facilitate the relocation and the reuse of the steel wire rope, but also to prevent the steel wire rope curling, twisting, has the role of protection of the steel wire rope; At the same time, reduce the labor intensity of the workers to receive and release the wire rope, realize the mechanization of the operation of receiving and releasing the wire rope. The equipment can also be used for large cable, wire retracting and releasing operations. According to the different needs of customers, the power system has hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and other types. Basic hydraulic type with hydraulic power source; Improved hydraulic model with only control system and no power source. The hydraulic type and pneumatic type can realize stepless speed regulation, the electric type has constant speed regulation and stepless speed regulation.
DSJ38DS type electric rope winding machine
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DSJ38YS type hydraulic rope winding machine
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DSJ38DC type electric rope winding machine
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DSJ38TC type automatic control rope winding machine with stepless speed regulation
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