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JQHS-100×10 pneumatic winch

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JQHS series pneumatic winches (also known as XJFH series pneumatic winches due to the implementation of the double standard model writing method) are powered by a piston pneumatic motor and drive the drum through a deceleration mechanism to realize the pneumatic traction or lifting of the supporting structure on the drum Winch, the pulling force of this series of pneumatic winches covers 10-150kN. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable work, simple maintenance, stable operation, and continuously variable speed. It is especially suitable for places with explosive and flammable gases such as oil fields, geological drilling, mining, and offshore platform operations.

The built-in planetary drive disc brake type pneumatic winch is a new type of pneumatic winch developed for the special operating requirements of the marine environment. Its sealed transmission and braking structure and special coating process meet the reliability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments Requirements: The automatic rope arranging and discharging device of the winch is a kind of rope arranging device designed to prevent the wire rope from being untidy when the winch is unloaded. After continuous test verification and improvement, it has achieved a good rope arranging effect and is now widely used Pneumatic winches for drilling in the range of 30-50kN are favored by users, and are gradually being grafted to other specifications and forms of winches.

JQHS series air-pneumatic winches can be divided into ordinary high seat, ordinary low seat, flange seat, trapezoidal buckle seat, straight thread buckle seat, ear plate seat, bent plate seat, etc. according to the type of base structure. According to the type of brake system And the combination can be divided into single brake (hand brake), double brake (hand brake + foot brake, hand brake + cylinder brake, hand brake + disc brake), three brake (hand brake + foot brake + cylinder brake). Users can choose according to actual operation requirements.

In addition, JQHS series pneumatic winches are also equipped with optional configurations such as press-fastening wire ropes, hooks, shackles, chains, and air treatment triples. Users can choose according to their own needs and the selected winch.

Note: XJFH is the original model compilation method, the current national industry standard (revised by our company) model compilation method is JQH(S), because the user procurement system information should not be changed at any time, so some old products still use the original XJFH model Compiling method, some new products adopt JQH(S) model compiling method, in order to gradually transition to JQH(S) model compiling method, products of the same type may adopt different model compiling methods, hereby explain.

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