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JFH-5/35Z (air-break brake) compressed air winch (Hand brake+ air-break brake, ordinary high base)

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XJFH series compressed air winch takes the pneumatic motors as the power, and drives drums through gear retarding mechanism, to achieve weight traction. It features in compact structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable work, simple maintenance, stable running, and stepless speed changing. As the explosion-proof traction and ascending power plant, it is particularly applicable to oil fields, geological drilling, mining, and anywhere has explosive, flammable gas.


According to different base structures, XJFH series compressed air winch can be divided into ordinary high base, ordinary short base, Flange base, trapezoidal buckle base, straight thread base, oil nonane base, and otic placode base. According to the type of braking system, XJFH series compressed air winchcan be divided into single brake (hand brake), double brake (hand brake + foot brake; or handbrake brake+ air-break brake), and triple brake (handbrake + foot brake+ air-break brake). Users can choose the appropriate according to the different habits and occasions.


In addition, XJFH series compressed air winch is equipped with buckle, hook, shackle, wire rope and three union of gas processing, which are optional configuration, and users can choose the optional according to practical needs.


Model XJFH-5/35Z
Max. lifting force 50kN
Max. lifting speed 35m/min
Rated power 13.2kw
Rated air intake pressure 0.8Mpa
Rated air consumption 12.7m3/min
Wire capacity 160m (Single brake)
140m (Double brake)
Diameter of wire 16mm (5/8 in)
Base connecting dimension 912mm×500mm(High base)
912mm×392mm(Low base)
Net weight 550Kg  (500Kg)


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