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JQH-5×48Y remote control air-break brake type pneumatic

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JQH series pneumatic winch is powered by piston air motive. This type of winch is mainly used for oil field drilling, metal mining, coal mining, towage of construction engineering and ascending heavy objects.


It features in small volume, light weight, adjustable speed, and easy transport and quick installation; therefore, it is more applicable for borehole operation of mining, such as scheduling in digging wells and the mining loading station of working face, towage of tramcar and underground ascending in the narrow alley, or traction tools and instruments. It is especially suitable for the oil fields, geological drilling, mining and the places with explosive, flammable gas.


For the convenient use and operation of users, we have developed a series of new type of remote electronic control air-break brake type pneumatic winch, remote air control air-break brake type pneumatic winch, and remote control air-break brake type pneumatic winch. They combine regular brake with two sets of lifting control system and descending control system, which not only has realized the remote control, but also the operation is simple, safe and reliable.


  Model  JQH-5×48 (Q, D, Y)*
1 Rated air intake pressure (MPa)  0.8
2 Max. lifting force (kN)  5
3 Max. lifting speed (m/min)  48
4 Air motor  Rated power (kW)  2.6
Number of cylinders  6
Cylinder diameter (mm)  65
Piston travel (mm)  50
5 Drum   Diameter (mm)  180
Width (mm)  200
Rim diameter (mm)  290
Wire capacity (m)  60
6 Diameter of wire (mm)  8
7 Air pipe diameter (mm)  25
8 Dimension  Length (mm)  680
Width (mm)  350
Height (mm)  465
9 Net weight (kg)  116


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