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CJ series logging winch is used to measure the slope and depth of oil well and to collect other downhole conditions and parameters during oil drilling. The whole machine structure adopts hydraulic machinery continuously variable speed, easy to operate, stable operation, wide range of speed change, electrical components can be explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof configuration according to user requirements, safe and reliable. According to the different requirements of users, winch counting system with mechanical counting system and intelligent system, mechanical counting system can display the depth of the logging instrument down or promotion, intelligent counting system in addition to equipped with depth measurement system shows that the depth of the logging instrument down or ascend position, still can show its down or improve speed, cable tension, real time and distance can be set up overspeed alarm and wellhead alarm, prevent accidental fall, wellhead protection measurement instruments effectively, to ensure the safety of operation. At present, the maximum logging depth is up to 12000m. This series of logging winch is the ideal equipment for oil field logging. The product can also be configured and customized according to user requirements. Electric variable frequency variable speed logging winch is a new customized product designed according to the requirements of users.
CJD3000 type logging winch
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CJLF type logging winch
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CJ9000F type logging winch
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CJ-series logging winch
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